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Can Being Thick Make You Fast? #BlackAIDS #AIDS #HIV

July 9, 2010

I read a very interesting article about being an overweight teen and premature sexual activity on the Black AIDS Institute website. While it talked about the extra pounds that is more prevalent in the black community the crux of the reason early promiscuity is a problem for these young women seems to be low or no self worth, self value or self esteem. This is the same thing that led the protagonist of IT’s IN MY BLOOD to become a sexual predator and exposed her to a greater risk of infection. I love the advise of Dr. Wyatt for the faith based community to engage in the conversation about sexuality. I believe this would not only help teens but single adults  as well. Just a thought. For ideas on how to get the dialogue going you could have your youth ministry or entire congregation read IT’S IN MY BLOOD and use the discussion questions included.

It's in My Blood HIV awareness novel

You don’t have to read my book to start the discussion, but it will help to provide a great starting point. Just a thought



July 8, 2010

There is a great deal of buzz online right now about the discoveries of an HIV antibody. I have listed the links here. I’m so excited about what this means for people are currently affected and positive. I’m also wondering how this is going to affect Beyond My Status the sequel to the award nominated novel It’s in My Blood. No matter what happens I must say I’m gonna stay on top of this to be sure the next book provides life changing and captivating information about how Rosalyn will stay abreast of the developments in HIV/AIDS research and developments. I’m so thankful that all of the AIDS funding was not cut and I hope this means that we have more excited promising developments to come in the fight against AIDS.

Reading It’s in My Blood does help with raising awareness and inspiring action.

Portion of the proceeds is donated to two HIV charitable organizations

5 Reasons You Should Have a Summer Reading List

June 18, 2010

One Mind Stimulation

The scholastic calendar in America trains us to “take the summer off.” Since most jobs require you to give a hundred percent no matter what the weather looks like outside reading can help you keep your mind sharp. It’s an entertaining enjoyable way to stay engaged and cognitively thinking despite the desire to check out for 90 days.

Two The Days Are Longer

With the sun staying out longer most of us stay up later. Instead of burning up extra minutes on the sofa watching tv swing by the library or support a local author and read a book. You’re sure to rekindle a relationship with a dependable old friends, books.

Three It Can Help You Bond

Even if you don’t have time to hang out with friends during the cooler fall and winter months. Once the summer comes you can make this the time you read books you have been hearing about with your friends. Instead of getting together and spending your girl friend time on your hubby or kids, take it back and talk about a good book you’re all reading together.

Four More Opportunities to Meet Author

While writers do travel and have signings and events all year long, there are way more during the summer. Many authors do double duty as teachers and have children in class during the school year. Summer gives them the time and ability to travel and reach more authors for face to face time, you could be one of them. It’s lots more fun to talk to an author when you’ve read their latest release.

Five Books are Inexpensive Sources of Entertainment during Vacation (and Staycations!)

Recession has cut back a lot of the luxuries we grew accustomed to before the drop in cash circulation. Instead of cutting out the vacation enjoy the ambiance of the hotel and relax by the pool with a different good book each day. Take the kids to the library or local book store and let them pick out their favorites, make it a family affair.

5 Reasons Your Church Should Have a BookClub

May 27, 2010

Reading a book together will get people talking. While Sunday morning sermon’s may offer spiritual insight, exhortation, revelation and sometimes motivation one thing it doesn’t spark is member to member conversation. There are some pastor’s that encourage their members to “talk” back to them while teaching or preaching but that is normally limited to “amen” and “say it pastor.” You want to spring board great conversations that can encourage spiritual awakening and exploration, try it out. Pick a book FICTION or nonfiction and set aside a day (or two) to discuss it as a group. If you’re a mega ministry this can still be done with discussion leaders for every twenty or so people still gathering and talking collectively about the book. You’ll be surprised how well it connects and bonds people together.

Reading may spark a love for reading and more bible reading. As the members turn the pages of a new book each month a love for reading may be rekindled or born. When they finish the read of the month, a natural progression may be to read more of the greatest love story ever told, the bible.

Selecting a different book each month can help you know the needs and interests of church members. Based on the way selection is done this can be a great insight into the hearts, lives and issues of those you pastor. In both fiction and nonfiction books you can tell a lot about a person by what they read.

Fiction is a great way to bring the issues of life alive through fictional characters. Ten years ago there were not a lot of options but the Christian fiction genre has grown exponentially. Whether you like clean or gritty fiction there is something for everyone. You may find at times the revelations God gives you are illustrated in the stories God has given those called to write Christian fiction.

Nonfiction is a great way to grow and read together. Nonfiction may be able to be used to give greater insight and detail to different teachings across the pulpit. With social media and other areas being embraced by church leadership and communities a church book club may be the vehicle to help drive even more productive interaction.

5 Ways to Read an Extra Book a Week

May 27, 2010

It’s April the year is almost to the halfway point. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to read more this year? Have you looked up from the swirl of activity called life and realized you didn’t increase your reading this year? No fear I have found five ways to do that painlessly!

1.When you are taking breaks or lunch at work instead of texting, chatting on the phone or surfing the web pick up your latest fiction or nonfiction read and free your mind.

2. Next time your channel surfing and realize the show you want to watch doesn’t come on for another thirty minutes to an hour and there is nothing on turn the tv off.  Give the tube a rest, put on some sweet tunes and read a few pages.You may even forget what you were gonna watch if the book is really good.

3. Wanna start working on or currently on a workout regimen? If you do at least thirty minutes of cardio on an elliptical (if you have good balance), treadmill or exercise bike you can ignore the burn. Melt away the time and excess energy by reading during your cardio.

4. Pick one night a week to reduce your carbon footprint by turning off your major electronics (tv, cable box, computer connected to internet) and snuggle up in bed or the corner of your largest sitting area. Turn on a lamp nearby instead of the ceiling light and pick up your top tbr (to be read) selection and soak it in.

5. Download one of the e reader apps like Kindle and download it to your computer. Select an ebook and dedicate thirty of minutes of your online time to checking out eBooks.

Do you have any other suggestions?

It’s in My Blood New Voice Book Club Contest

December 1, 2009

New Voice  Book Club Contest will award two book clubs  an Awareness Gift basket with 12 HIV awareness Jewelry Marks and other HIV awareness prizes. You enter by selecting my novel, It’s in My Blood, as your book of the month between December 1, 2009 thru November 30, 2010. Post a comment to, My Facebook fan pagetwitter @shawneda or my guestbook here with the link to your book clubs internet presence showing my book as a selection and you’re entered.  Book clubs that host me as a guest author on location or live, via google talk video, yahoo messenger video, my bookclub channel, telephone or skype  will receive an extra entry, also notify me of each posted reviews referencing your book club of the novel on any of the social networks, barnes and nobles, borders or any other online site will receive an extra entry into the contest for each review (regardless of the rating). A winner will be announced June 27, 2010 World HIV testing Day and December 1, 2010 World AIDS Day.

Green Readers Choice Contest

December 1, 2009

Green Reader’s Choice Contest is simple…readers*** interested in helping the planet or trying the newest technology to hit books since the printing press can fulfill the following steps and possibly (one prize will be granted) win the eReader of their choice (price not exceeding $299) some options include the Cool-ER, Sony E-Reader and Amazon Kindle. Take the following steps to be eligible and you may find yourself reading green Christmas of 2010:

  • Read and post your review of It’s in My Blood online in three different places:
  • One of these online retailers that allows reviews to be read without a sign in: Barnes&Nobles or
  • One of these social networking sites: Facebook, I See Color or Shoutlife
  • One of these readers social networking sites: Shelfari or GoodReads
  • Sign my Facebook fan page or guest book telling me where I can find your reviews to enter your name in the contest database with the letters GRCC below or after your name
  • I’ll send you a message via Facebook or email letting you know your number in the contest database and you’re entered!

Several notes about entering this contest. Your eligibility for winning the contest is NOT contingent upon the review. It is based only on the information listed above. Also it is important that you list the letters GRCC under or after your name because there are several contests running concurrently during this time period. Last but not least, you’re only able to win one type of contest at a time. Example if you’re part of a reading group, or book club and your club enters and wins that contest you’re still eligible to win this one, however you’re not able to win both of the individual readers contests running for this novel. If you enter a review as part of an organization and for eligibility in this contest simply include the reference code for the group contest before the reference code for the individual contest at the end of your review it would look something like this ( Your Name Here, Group Code here, GRCC). I look forward to announcing the winner of the Green Reader’s Choice Award on Tuesday December 14, 2010 webisode of Faithful Folios . God’s favor and thanks for reading It’s in My Blood.

At least 300 contestants must enter or a gift card towards the purchase of an eReader in the amount of $50 will be awareded in lieu of an eReader.